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G e a r y    A r t    P u b l i s h i n g

 "The Morning After" from "Paris and Other Poems" 
(Pages 36-37)



The Morning After

She opened her eyes
And looked across at him
Beside her in the bed

His ruffled hair
And beard stubble
Seemed to her so appealing
In the morning light

He’d made love to her the night before
In a way and with a tenderness
She’d never felt before
She wondered
Would it last?
Was it real?

She hoped it could go on forever
Like this
But she knew
These things didn’t last

Experience had taught her
These things don’t remain the same
They change

She wanted it to last
Looking at him
She felt a sadness
At the inevitability of change

She got up out of bed
He stirred
But didn’t wake
She threw on a robe
Crept out of the room
Picked up her clothes
Scattered in the other room from the night before
Went into the bathroom
And quietly left
Closing the door behind her.





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