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Paris in Sepia photos

G e a r y    A r t    P u b l i s h i n g

"Paris and Other Poems"  by Kevin Geary



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"The book is perfect! The cover is wonderful! I can't believe what a great book design you created. The whole presentation is superb! And the poems are absolutely marvellous! I've read most of them today and they're all incredibly good.  What an amazingly good writer you are. The book is fabulous!" 
Roy Miles, London

"Your poems are fantastic! They're so good, I can't believe it! Each one is like a little story. Liz and I were reading them to each other! You're a genius! They're absolutely wonderful! You should get them out to everywhere. Get them into Vanity Fair! Send one to Oprah! I can't imagine anyone not loving them!"
Herbert Shultz, France

I read your book while I was going through the bout of pneumonia, when the fever was down ..  and I loved it.  Your visions of Paris are those that I can only hope I will experience when I finally am able to make the trip there.  I enjoyed how you captured New York,  LA (or as I call it, "EL Lay"), South Carolina, places I've been or lived - and your other poems about the invisible and the homeless, love and communication... Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your poetry - I loved it and found it inspiring and while walking on the beach in the morning, found myself even thinking in terms of poetry! 
Marsha Friedman, Florida

These poems are really wonderful! They're superb! I've enjoyed every one of them.
Elisabeth Nies, France

Thank you for your book. I have read a great part of it and  I like  it very, very much.
Hélène de Margerie; Paris

I'm randomly reading your poems today. Very enjoyable reading...so far, my favorites are "I Love You," "Non- Communication," "In praise of Red Wine," "Fear of Commitment," "The Morning After"...there are so many good ones. 
Phlinda Schumacher; Atlanta, GA

Your Paris poem is utterly superb! It’s so evocative, and really sums it all up.  
Jeremy Nicklin; France

The term "poetry," for me, seemed to diminish your writings - they were much more than just poetry to me. I really enjoyed them. 
Nick Fiorenza;  Sedona, AZ






Kevin Geary's Portrait of Jack Brymer in the National Portrait Gallery

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